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Policies & Procedures Questionnaire
To govern effectively and lawfully, every Association should have the following policies and procedures. Please indicate yes, no, or not applicable.
Coastal will help you develop policies and procedures that are not currently in place in your Association.

Policy/procedure for adopting policies, procedures and rules:*
Collection policy:*
Policy/procedure for handling conflicts of interest involving board members:*
Policy/procedure regarding reimbursement of expenses incurred by board members:*
Procedure for handling receipt of assessments, payment of bills, signing of checks:*
Rules of order for annual meeting:*
Rules of order for board meetings:*
Codes of conduct for board meetings:*
Policy/procedure for homeowners forum or imput at board meetings:*
Rules enforcement policy:*
Procedure for rule violation fine and hearing:*
Procedure for conducting executive/closed session of the board:*
Policy/procedure for inspection and copying of association records:*
Policy regarding retention of association records:*
Policy/procedure for requesting and reviewing bids:*
Policy regarding having a reserve study and when/how often to update:*
Policy regarding investment of reserve funds:*
Policy regarding use of reserve funds:*
Policy regarding use of amenities:*
Policy regarding budget preparation:*
Audit Policy:*
Policy regarding evaluation of management company performance:*
Policy regarding publishing names of delinquent owners:*
Policy regarding board package contents and distribution:*
Policy regarding board member communication with counsel:*
Policy regarding homeowner's communication with board:*
Policy regarding use of homeowner volunteers:*
Policy/procedure regarding committee appointments:*
Written architectural application and review process:*
Procedure for enforcement of violation of architectural guidelines:*
Procedure for hurricane preparations:*
Disaster recovery:*
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